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How to Generate MLM Leads - Mary Kay

How do you generate MLM leads? Many people would answer that question by saying, "You can't!" It's true that not everyone is qualified to market the Mary Kay business. However, there are ways for those who have a desire to grow their business and earn more income as they help others reach their goals. In this blog post, we will cover ways on how to generate MLM leads.

Ways to Generate MLM Leads with Mary Kay

  • Make a list of your best customer contacts

Find the people who have been buying from you for years, and make a list. These are probably not going to be your top earners or those who can promote on stage at sales rallies. They're just customers that like doing business with you, so they keep coming back year after year. Ask them to help you by sharing your business with their friends and family.

  • Talk to existing customers

In addition to your list, make a list of all the people who have contacted you in any way over the past year. People will find many ways to contact you: phone calls, emails, letters and social media messages are just a few examples. Call them one at a time by going through your records or using an autodialer.

  • Find your warm market

Everyone has people in their lives who have shown an interest or willingness to talk about business opportunities. You just need to find them and ask for permission from each person on the list before moving forward with a conversation. Once you've talked it over, explain that you would like to share what they already know about doing business with you.

  • Find your warm market on social media

If you don't already have a list, use Facebook or LinkedIn to find people who are interested in the opportunity. Like posts about opportunities and tag others who might be open to learning more about it. Don't spam your friends' feeds though! Just share some things that will get them thinking about business without being pushy.

  • Share your story

People are always interested in other people's stories. It is a great way to get them thinking about how they can do the same thing for their families and friends. Share videos, audios or blog posts if you have those available on your website. If not, just let everyone know what successes you've had so far without being pushy.

  • Share articles

If you know of articles that might be helpful, share them. If people like what they read and then ask for more information, give it to them (but not before). Don't forget: sharing your story is a great way to generate MLM leads!

  • Run an ad

If you have the money to spend, running ads on social media or in your local newspaper can get people talking about business opportunities. It is often more successful than speaking with them one-on-one because they will see it and remember who shared it with them.

  • Promote on social media

Once you've put together your promotion, share it with all of the people who are following your account. Don't just post pictures or text though; create videos that show how your business is growing and what life would be like if they weren't part of it. Also, having contests to generate MLM leads will help you grow your following.

  • Promote at networking events

Once you've generated some interest by sharing with your warm market, you can take it to even higher levels by attending networking events. These are places where people in your community go so they can meet others who share their interests and goals. Let them know about the business opportunities you offer without being pushy or making promises that aren't likely to happen for anyone.

Now that you know how to generate MLM leads, it's time for you to get started. Don't be discouraged if people are slow at first, just keep sharing your message with them until they see the benefits of becoming part of your business team!


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