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How to Generate MLM Leads - Shaklee Products

Shaklee products have a fairly straightforward reward model when it comes to network marketing. If you want to establish a business with a small amount of money, this is the perfect alternative for you. You only need to spend $ 9. Then you must expand your network by introducing new individuals to your company. You may make $7 profit on each new employee you hire. You will need roughly 100-200 people in your company or network to make a decent profit, much like many other firms that use network marketing.

You must sell the goods as well as draw individuals to your firm. You may improve your revenue this way. You may accomplish this by handing out business cards or pamphlets and informing your friends and relatives. You may also give some of your stuff to your friends and their family.

A speedier method is to employ an internet marketing system that directs traffic to you. The internet is the quickest way to create leads and expand a business. You may accomplish this with the use of an attraction marketing software system. This is the long-kept secret of network marketing leaders. They generate leads, establish a list, brand the list, and add value by assisting consumers with queries and ad campaigns.

It is simple business concepts at work, but there is obviously an art to it because the purchasing transaction is done online rather than in person. The branding aspect of the equation is critical in this case. This can only be done with the help of an attraction marketing system. If you follow this advice, your Shaklee network marketing business will thank you.

How to automate a sales explosion in your Shaklee business

I understand that it seems like a huge high over-the-top promise, but it isn't.

I refer to it as the greatest recruitment shortcut in network marketing history.

Let's face it: leads are the name of the game when it comes to growing a flourishing and successful Shaklee business, and there's no better instrument for generating those leads than the internet.

It can, however, be difficult to figure out what to do. That is why I started this blog and am sharing it with you.

This is applicable to you if you are:

  • been around for a long time

  • had struggled to get their company off the ground

  • discover another approach to increase sales

I'm going to teach you how to unleash a deluge of prospects, clients, and team members unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Shaklee's digital marketing funnel

The typical Shaklee distributor is not required to vary from the plan.

You go to someone's house party in person, but how can you reproduce it online?

Take the same tried-and-true techniques presented in this post that have shown to be effective in network marketing for decades and apply them to the digital era.

It is precisely this that has piqued the curiosity of those who are already enthralled by what you are offering.

  • They ultimately became leads

  • They became clients.

  • They got engaged as distributors.

This is referred to as the three lost funnels:

The online Shaklee sales funnels are similar to:

  • Person-to-person selling's efficacy

  • We convert leads into clients using an automated approach where leads come to us.

  • More crucially, we are able to replicate

The Bridge Funnel (3-way call)

The first funnel, often known as the 3-way call funnel, focuses on communication with potential clients.

When you initially join Shaklee, you don't know anything about the goods, the compensation structure, how to sell, and so on.

Whether you are a rookie or seasoned marketer, cold calls will almost always result in unfavorable replies, which will have a severe impact on your organization.

On the contrary, sharing messages would inform clients about the items or services even if they do not desire them. The more you try, the more opportunities you'll have to grow a solid consumer base.

The bridge funnel is the modern version of the old-fashioned three-way call.

Simply introduce a prospect to your upline leader, who will tell them their story, explain the opportunity, and perform all of the selling for you...

After a few three-way calls, you may insert your own tale or script and share your experience with your prospects...

These three-way calls are a great way to double your team. Newcomers may join in, have a team leader handle the heavy lifting of sales/recruitment, and learn the ropes as they establish their downline.

The Home party

People attend home parties because they can view the items and the opportunity in a non-pressured sales atmosphere. Furthermore, when people at the party purchase things, it promotes fear of missing out (fomo) and motivates others to do the same.

This method also doubles since attendees discover they may receive free items by organizing a party... or even more perks by joining TraVerus themselves.

This is known as the house party funnel, and it is where you must convert your prospects into consumers.

I've been able to assist members of my team in the following ways:

  • Recreate the house party on the internet.

  • How to Set Up Everything

  • Investigate the physics of why they are so successful.

The Hotel Meeting

In the real world, the hotel meeting is beneficial since it presents prospects to the company's goods, business, and actual top earners. Furthermore, it provides new distributors with a method that can be replicated in order to expand their downline...

Simply bring our prospects to the next meeting, and the best earner will stand in front of the crowd and sell.

To make this funnel work, you must understand how to build your hook, tale, and message.

I'm astounded that some network marketers are being taught antiquated prospecting and recruitment techniques.

I'm astounded that people are still making top 100 lists. Meetings at home and at hotels. Prospecting on the cold. And they are now using social media to promote their products and opportunities to their prospects.

Unfortunately, many network marketers who continue to use these antiquated approaches do not know any differently. They were never taught otherwise.

And, as much as it kills me to say it, using these old-school approaches, most people have a snowball's chance of ever making it in this field. Particularly in today's digital age.

It is not simple to be successful in the Shaklee industry, which is why more than 95 percent of those who try fail.

If you believe the person you are about to join up with will not be able to provide you with the required resources to help you achieve, do not sign up.

This is the reason why so many individuals are successful with a work from home business.


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