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How to Get Quality Sales Marketing Leads for Your MLM Business | Paramount Marketing Pro

Getting quality sales marketing leads is just as important as investing money in advertising and promotions. Generating leads is tricky because you have to balance between spending money and knowing if there is a substantial return on your investment. Ideally, there is little money spent, the results are measured, necessary adjustments are made, and then strengthen the investment, the leads, and the profits. Remember that the ultimate goal is to close more sales.

The Marketing people are a big help to Salespeople in generating high-quality sales marketing leads or Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to convert them into buying customers. Their focus though is not only on the number of leads that they send to Sales but also the quality of these leads. It will, in turn, lead to Sales closing more sales instead of just prospecting.

There are certain steps to follow for the sales marketing leads to go through to ensure that they need and want the product and service that you are offering. You propose something to them at every step, and then you can gauge when Sales can step in and do their thing.

Offer a Product or Service that will Create Interest in your Potential Customer

As the initial step, you are just offering something that they may ultimately want and need. But even if they respond to the proposal, it is not an indicator that they are ready to buy.

Design Content that will Persuade and Convert

The content should attract them to go to your site, and will also convert them into buying customers, like an ebook. Try to strike a balance between lead generation and managing these leads.

Attend to these Leads

At this point, you would need CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, a contact management system, or an email marketing system to do this task for you. You need to know who among our leads has accepted the offer. Also, this will tell you when to take the next step.

Classify and Qualify your Leads

The best tools to attain this are demos, webinars, and buyer's guides. A qualified lead is willing to invest his time or money to know more about your product or service.

Ensure that your Sales People know the Right Offer

That the lead will respond to the goal is for the Sales team to call the leads who have responded to the proposals that will classify them as near buyers. The CRM will be useful in this process because it will advise which offer the lead has responded to, so they will know how to deal with them.

Quantify the Quality of your Leads and Close Rates

You should be able to quantify and measure different parameters like, how many leads who responded to each step actually bought your product or service? These figures will help you identify which offers work and which ones don't, and make the appropriate adjustments.

Make your Sales People Responsible for Following these Steps

It is the responsibility of the Sales people to know each step of the process and to

document the action they took for each step. The time they spent on following up leads is very critical because they cannot just call everybody on the list. They should have a clear idea of the goals and procedures for each step to ensure a successful closing of the sale.

Determine the Offers that Convert your Leads and Promote them

Finally, identify the offers that were most effective in converting the leads, and promote them in your website and within your Sales group. You could use CTAs (Calls to Action) in your website, emails or blogs. Communicate these to your Sales team as well, so they will know which ones closed the most sales.

By following these steps, you can lead your sales team in following the good leads and eventually, convert them into buying customers. Generating quality sales marketing leads is not a science but is a step-by-step process that the Sales people can employ to drive better results for the business.


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