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Top 7 Ways on How to Earn Money by Blogging | Paramount Marketing Pro

Money is just within the fingertips among bloggers. There is actually no sure way of earning money from blogging but there are always innumerable possibilities to earn from your blog with the right strategy. Most bloggers are able to enjoy double compensation from their blogs. First, they are able to enjoy the opportunity to do what they like to write. Second, they are given the opportunity to be compensated from doing what they like to do. The following are the top 7 ways to make your blog earn a good income source for the extra money.

1. Engage in PPC Advertising Programs.

Most bloggers find this a sustainable means of earning money from their blogs. Although from the beginning you could not experience earning much from your blog but given adequate time you will soon appreciate your earnings from your blog through this system.

But make sure to blog quality content to ensure more traffic on your site. Good AdSense is the big man in this field. Almost all blog sites are swarmed with Google ads. This is a pay-per-click program (PPC) for advertising many products and services and you get a share from the revenue generated from these ads. All you have to do is to add your AdSense code on your site.

2. Cost Per Mille (CPM) Advertising is a Good Way to Boost your Earnings from your Blog.

This program works in similar way like the PPC strategy only the scheme involves giving you a certain amount equivalent to the number of hits from your webpage. The amount you could possibly earn from this scheme is more predictable since you will be able to gauge your possible income per number of hits on your website.

3. Go for Banner Advertising.

This is perhaps a very lucrative way to monetize your blog. There are many companies that pay high to advertise their products and services by paying a certain spot on your website to post their ads. Bloggers usually enjoy the leeway of setting up their rates. Most serious bloggers can earn from the popular banner format at the size of 125x125.

4. Join Affiliate Program.

This is a good way to boost the income you can earn from your blog. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online by advertising the banners or text link of a certain product and you get a share of the profit from the same ads. Many bloggers are lucky to enjoy a good margin of income through affiliate marketing from their blogs.

5. Syndicate your Site Through Submitting RSS Feeds.

Real Simple Syndication (RRS) is a good means of monetizing your blog as this allows you to distribute your contents for wider audience. Although you will not really earn big fast through this system but you can substantially gain better income in time.

6. Find Sponsors for your Site.

If you like to blog for a particular topic you can find company or advertisers that engage in similar business related to your blog. They can pay you for advertising their company on your blog.

7. Grab the Advantage of Blog Networking.

This will provide you good opportunity to blog and at the same time earn from these networks. Some will allow you to post your blog and share from their ad revenue while others offer a platform that allows you to post your AdSense code and Amazon affiliate links to generate income from your blog.

There are many means of earning an income from your blog. You just have to be creative and resourceful in looking for ways to monetize your blog and make it a money-making machine.


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