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Ways to Get Free High-Quality Sales Leads using Instagram

Many companies are realizing the power of Instagram for getting high-quality sales leads. In fact, a recent study found that over 60% of businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool! The best part? You don't even need to pay for followers. This blog post will teach you how to generate high-quality sales leads using Instagram.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform that enables users to take photos or videos, apply digital filters to them if desired, and share them publicly on the app. Users can follow other accounts where they will receive notifications when their accounts have been updated with new content. The best part of using Instagram as a marketing tool is that it's extremely easy to use! Many businesses are realizing its potential by creating well-designed images from products/services they're offering along with links directing followers back to their site where people can purchase items directly from there. In fact, these types of posts alone generate up to 30% more sales than those without pictures!

What Is Instagram Used For?

If you're interested in generating more high-quality sales leads, then Instagram is the perfect platform for that! You can post images/videos of your products or services with links directing users back to their site. Make sure you are posting only quality content on this social media platform otherwise it won't do much good if people aren't engaging with the posts which will affect how many followers you receive in return. Another important thing to keep in mind when using Instagram as a marketing tool is geo-tagging since most users search by location and want content relevant to where they live. So make sure all of your posts have accurate tags containing place names along with any hashtags relevant to what's being posted.

How To Create An Instagram Account?

Creating an account is relatively simple and quick. All you have to do is download the app for free from either Google Play or the App Store, then click "Sign Up" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Fill out all required fields with a valid email address, password, username (can be anything but should represent what you're promoting), birthdate verification form which will require one of two options being entered correctly depending on location/age restrictions set by Instagram's website terms & conditions page before creating an account can be completed. After this step has been successfully achieved, simply log in when opening up the app! Then follow other accounts related to so that they'll receive notifications every time you post a new picture or video!

Ways to generate high-quality sales leads using Instagram

  • Use hashtags

Make sure to use these tags on all posts! This will generate more high-quality sales leads since people are searching by location and want content relevant to where they live.

  • Post quality images/videos

This is the most important part of generating high-quality sales leads on Instagram. If you're not posting relevant content that your audience can engage with, then it won't do much good in terms of growing your follower count which will lead to less potential customers seeing what you have to offer! Make sure all images and videos are clear so they don't get blurry when people view them since that often happens if an upload isn't done properly

  • Have a great page design

In order to generate more high-quality sales leads for your business, you need to have an appealing Instagram page that makes users want to follow you! Make sure all images and videos are correctly displayed on the homepage of your profile with easy access buttons or links leading them back onto your site. You can also include some marketing strategies on your page such as linking to other pages you might be affiliated with or having a sign up box for people that want to receive newsletters. This will help you keep in touch with all of the new users that have decided to follow!

  • Tag other accounts in posts

Make sure to tag all high-quality accounts on Instagram that are related to your business or industry. This will help them become aware of who you are and what you're promoting, which is beneficial for both sides!

  • Use Geotags

This is especially important if you're marketing to users in a specific location. Make sure all posts contain accurate geo-tags pertaining to the place where your business or content resides! Instagram's website terms & conditions page says that it may remove accounts who don't follow this rule, so be careful when doing it since they are very strict about location verification.

  • Post consistently

The most important part of generating high-quality sales leads is to post on a regular basis! This ensures that your followers will see your posts more often and they'll be aware of what you're up to. This means that there's always time for them to check out the content you've posted, which can lead to many new user sign ups and purchases!

  • Showcase your products

When you have a new high-quality product to sell, make sure that it gets posted on Instagram as soon as possible! This will generate more sales leads for the reason above. Make sure to also use hashtags such as #new or #hot since this will help your posts get discovered by even more potential customers!

  • Use relevant hashtags

Don't just use random hashtags to post what you have to offer! Make sure that the tags are related in some way or another. If they aren't, this will make it harder for potential buyers to find your content which means less sales leads generated overall.

  • Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to generate high-quality sales leads! Since people can view these by their location, it's important that you use them when trying to market products in certain locations. This will help users discover your content since they'll be checking out the story at where ever they're located which means more potential customers. If you have a new product to sell, it's also smart to do an Instagram story on that as well!

  • Engage with other users

If the goal is to generate high-quality sales leads on Instagram, then it's important that you engage with all of your followers! This will build a connection between you and them which can lead to more brand loyalty in terms of buying from your company since they'll feel like they know who they're purchasing from. Also, if you see a post from another user that relates to your business in some way, make sure to leave comments there as well since this will get the other users attention and they'll probably check out your profile afterwards.

Leads are crucial to any business in order for it to be successful. By following the tips listed above, you'll have a much better chance at generating high-quality sales leads through Instagram!


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