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Ways to Get Free High-Quality Sales Leads using LinkedIn

How many sales leads do you want to generate? The number of high-quality sales leads generated should be the driving factor in your social media marketing strategy. LinkedIn is a social networking site that can help with this if used correctly, and in this blog post, we will discuss how to get started. You want more qualified prospects coming in contact with your company here are some ways that LinkedIn can help!

Ways to Generate High-Quality Sales Leads on LinkedIn

  • Create an effective profile

The first step in generating sales leads on LinkedIn is creating a complete and professional profile. Make sure that your photo, headline, summary section, industry information (at least one of the sections), current position or past positions are filled out completely. The "summary" section needs to be compelling enough for people to want to know more about you.

  • Build a strong network

As you build your LinkedIn profile, don't forget to add connections. After filling out the required information on the "Contact Information" section of your LinkedIn profile, search for people who work at companies that are potential prospects and send them requests to connect with you. Searching through some groups can help as well reach out to people who are in your industry and ask if they would like to connect.

  • Share relevant content

Once you have a strong network on LinkedIn, start sharing information that is valuable for your prospects. There are many ways to do this - posting status updates and articles in LinkedIn groups can help get the word out about what you offer. You might also want to consider creating a company page if there isn't already one available (LinkedIn will do this for you if there is). Your company page will be a great way to share information and keep people up-to-date.

  • Add value

When you send an invitation to connect with someone, be sure that it is clear why they should accept. Give them a reason for clicking on your name and adding you as a connection, mention something about yourself or what you offer in the message box. You can also ask if there's anything that you could help them with when reaching out to people to connect with.

  • Track your LinkedIn connections

Since the network that you build on LinkedIn is very valuable, it's important to track how many people you are connected with. You can do this by going into "Network Statistics" under the "Account & Settings" tab of your profile. This will give you an inside look at some interesting information about who has viewed and/or connected with you.

  • Keep your profile active

Stay connected to the people you have met on LinkedIn and continue sharing relevant content. It's important that your network knows that they can trust you. Not everyone will buy from a stranger, so make sure potential prospects know what value you offer!

  • Connect your other social media accounts

Now that you have a complete and strong profile on LinkedIn, it's time to share this valuable information with the rest of your digital presence. Just as people found out about you through various sources online, they may find more valuable content from other areas such as Twitter or Facebook - so be sure to connect all of these accounts. Now that you have a complete profile, people are more likely to trust what they see on LinkedIn and it will be easier for them to share your information with others as well!

  • Initiate conversations

Once you have a strong network built up and your profile is completed, start initiating conversations. When people comment on something that you share or write a status update about a topic related to what you offer, jump in the conversation this will help build trust because they know that you are knowledgeable! You could also consider sharing their posts as well. Your prospects will be more likely to click on your name if they see that you are also sharing their content!

  • Ask for introductions

If you are still looking to find new people to connect with on LinkedIn, ask your current network if they know anyone who would be interested in what you offer. Ask them directly or simply leave a comment under one of their posts asking if they might know someone - give them an easy way out by mentioning that it doesn't have to be a direct connection, they could introduce you to someone who can connect you with one of their connections.

  • Use LinkedIn ads

Another way to find new people on LinkedIn is through the use of sponsored content in one of your current groups or company page. This can be a great way to get in front of potential prospects that you might not have been able reach out to otherwise! It's important that when using advertising, you take all privacy and legal precautions so that you are not violating any rules.

Tada! You now know some tips for generating high-quality sales leads on LinkedIn. If you implement these steps, and use your connections to spread the word about what you offer and why people should choose it over others, there is no doubt that your business will see an increase in revenue from social media marketing efforts!


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