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Ways to Make Money from Home - Herbalife Products

Ways on How to Make Money with Herbalife

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A financial advisor once said that one must not be contented in just one source of income. He said that the most ideal number of source of income is seven. Therefore, some people tries to add more sources of income. Others opt to do investments, apply for UITF or Mutual Funds; some sell products. When we say products, it has varieties. Such as beauty care, pre-loved clothes, food and some are health supplements. One of which is Herbalife.

Have you ever wonder how people make money with Herbalife? If you want to know more, let’s have a walk through.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd., launched by Mark Hughes in 1980, is a well-known global multi-level marketing (MLM) corporation that creates and sells health-related supplements. Thus, as the company grows, their range eventually include not only dietary supplements but also sports nutrition, weight management items as well as personal care. According to statistics, as of 2019, there are more than 3 million distributors and is present across over 90 countries worldwide.

There are personalities who promotes Herbalife. They put a lot of effort into getting themselves out there through sponsorships and celebrity endorsements.

The required changes mean that Herbalife is very up-front about what you can expect. Herbalife’s pride is their meal replacement shakes and dietary supplements are used in a weight loss program to support people to lose weight.. However, even though Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company. Their products can only be purchased from Herbalife independent distributors. in the marketing business. But, how can you make money with Herbalife?

Ways to Make Money with Herbalife

Herbalife distributors claim that recruits have multiple ways of making money with Herbalife: through “Herbalife’s 7 streams of income”

That rings a bell, right? But The truth is that, it is extremely difficult to produce money through this 7 streams of income. Those who often earn tons of money here are the ones with a massive downlines who of course works beneath them.

1. Retail Commission/ Sales

Herbalife follows a general pattern of earning which is known as MLM or multi-level marketing. Wherein, it encourages existing members to endorse and sell their offerings to individuals and bring on new recruits into the business. When a person has become a Herbalife representative, she purchases Herbalife items at a discounted price from the company and tries to sell them at the suggested retail price (SRP) to colleagues, family, and others in the hopes of pocketing the difference. By this, she can earn retail profit.

Want to know if this is a genius MLM or a pyramid scheme? Watch this.

2. Wholesale Selling

So, another way to make money with Herbalife is by capturing the difference in discount levels between herself and her downline, a distributor generates "wholesale profit." As a result, the distributor must have hired personnel and purchased enough product to advance at least one level in the system. For example, a distributor who gets product at a 35 percent discount from SRP can profit from the difference in discount levels between themselves and a downline member who purchases at a 25% discount. Herbalife keeps track of the 10 percent difference and pays the upline distributor by direct deposit or check.

Are you still in doubt? Take a look at this video.

3. Royalties

"Royalties" are paid to people who have reached the status of supervisor. However, a distributor may only receive these royalties if she has recruited and persuaded others to join her as supervisors. Thus, to be eligible for more than just the first two revenue "streams," a distributor must spend a considerable amount of money, approximately $3,000 for 4000 "volume points" (Herbalife's worldwide currency, where one volume point is roughly comparable to one US dollar), to achieve the "supervisor" position.

Additional royalties (1-5% of the volume purchased) are received by everyone in a distributor's first three levels, up to the recruits of the recruits' recruits. These royalties are calculated based on the total volume point value of downline purchases, regardless of whether or not those distributors sell the product.

The initial set of ranks are the distributor ranks:

  • Distributor: 25% discount

  • Senior Consultant: 35% or 42% discount

  • Qualified Producer: 42% discount

  • Qualifying Supervisor: 50% discount

The more volume you and your downline sell, the more opportunities to increase your earning potential you will have.

Volume Introduction and Fundamentals Completion Accumulate volume in two ways to advance the Marketing Plan:

• PPV = Personally Purchased Volume Volume purchased directly from Herbalife by a Distributor.

• DLV = Downline Volume

Volume placed by your non-Supervisor downline Distributors ordering between 25% to 42% discount

4. Production Bonus

The fourth way of making money with Herbalife is the production bonus. This bonus becomes available ONLY when the distributor reaches the GET Team. When he reached the GET Team, distributors can earn 2-7% on the TOTAL volume of their organization with some exceptions. This level is important for it is payable on infinite levels.

When distributors join the Active World Team, Herbalife gives them $500. Other promotions offered by Herbalife include non-cash promotions that occur on a regular basis throughout the year and are intended to encourage large purchases.

Though this doesn’t involve on-hand cash, Herbalife offers contests with high qualification thresholds several times a year, usually lasting three or four months in order to win a cruise or holiday. Upline distributors take advantage of these promos to compel downline distributors to purchase huge quantities of merchandise. Recruits are encouraged to purchase enough merchandise to qualify for particular benchmarks at every local, regional, and national event by the phrase (and popular hashtag) "Qualify for Everything!"

Splurge on your dream vacation!

7. Mark Hughes Bonus

Lastly, the 7th stream of making money with Herbalife is the Mark Hughes Bonus. It distributes 1% of the company's annual income to the top 1% of the pyramid during a high-profile event. The top distributor's check is frequently in excess of $2,000,000, and the top winners, with a few exceptions, have been the same group that has been collecting those large cheques for 15-20 years.

The $2,000,000 check goes to a distributor who isn't the best salesperson. They'll claim to be "exactly like you!" But the truth is that they most likely joined the company in the mid-80s, recruited like crazy, and most certainly used business practices that are now illegal.

Just last April 21, 2021, Herbalife got their 2020 annual bonus cheques and speeches of thanks and congratulatory remarks. Curious about it?

To give you an idea about Herbalife’s plan which consists of four discount levels and 11 positions in the marketing plan with several sub-categories within those positions, here is a graph for you.

But, hey! Have you noticed? Upon reading all those streams of making money online, there are only two visible ways to earn with Herbalife. What are those?

1. Sell products- the more volume you sell, the more income you’ll gain.

2. Recruit more people- Building a Herbalife team is a great method to boost your

revenue. Herbalife currently has a number of ranks and teams in which members can participate. The majority of the time, progressing through stages is determined by sales volume.

Just a little note for you. No matter how you want to earn money, remember: “You must spend money to make money.” -Titus Maccius Plautus


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