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Ways to Make Money from Home - Mary Kay

How many people would love to work from home and make their own schedule? It seems like a dream come true, but it can be done with the help of Mary Kay. In this blog post we will discuss how you can use Mary Kay to find that perfect career for yourself without having to worry about your boss or coworkers.

What is Mary Kay?

Mary Kay is a company that specializes in women's beauty products. They have been a leading provider of skin care and cosmetics for over 50 years now! The best part about Mary Kay is the fact they offer opportunities to those who would like to start their own business as an Independent Beauty Consultant, or IBC.

What does this mean?

This means you can work from home with flexible hours and no set schedule which makes it perfect if you are already taking care of your family at home because being able to make your own hours allows you time off when needed. What many people don't realize is how much money can be made within Mary Kay so let us walk through some ways on how consultants build a successful career out of selling skin care and cosmetics.

What are the Requirements?

To become an IBC with Mary Kay there is no age limit, however if you are under 18 then your parents will need to sign for you and they must have been in the company at least six months before signing on someone else. If this is the case then they will also receive a car bonus. Also, you must have at least $100 worth of product to get started with your business and if accepted you will be enrolled in their free online training courses which are designed to help people succeed within Mary Kay!

Ways to Make Money from Home - Mary Kay

  • Retail Store Sales

Mary Kay consultants can make a commission by selling products in their very own Mary Kay Beauty Boutique. This is an excellent way to start your business from home because you get everything provided for you including training and support! You don't have to worry about the logistics of running a store since it will be taken care of. The only thing you would need to do is pick your store hours and manage the daily activities.

  • Sponsoring New Consultants

You can actually make money off of other people joining Mary Kay as a consultant! By sponsoring someone into your team you will receive bonuses and commissions from their sales. This is a great way to get new recruits in the business so that they buy products from you for themselves or others, thus creating more customers within your group.

  • Team Building

If you are a consultant who is starting to build a successful business from home, another great way to make money is by team building. This means part of your job as an IBC will be creating teams and events for those on your team so that they can gain more clients. Becoming creative with this idea is key because it's not only an easy way to make money, but it ensures that your team members will be networking with each other which increases the likelihood of sales.

  • Leadership Bonus

There are two different kinds of bonuses in Mary Kay when it comes to leadership which include the Leadership Car Program and the President's Team.

The first bonus is called Leadership Makeup where consultants would receive free makeup for their own personal use or for retail sales if they reach $1000 in monthly wholesale volume (WV). This can be received twice in a rolling 12 month period.

The second bonus is the Leadership Car Program where consultants who reach $2500 in WV would receive 50% off their car or lease (payment must be at least $500). If you choose to sell your Mary Kay products through home parties, they will also pay for gas if someone orders from you during that party.

The President's Team is a group of top IBCs and they receive $250 in free products for their personal use or to be distributed through retail sales if their WV reaches $3000 each month. They also get the Leadership Makeup Bonus twice per rolling 12 months as well as Leadership Car Program, gas reimbursements and more!

  • Monthly Sales Quota

All IBCs are required to meet a minimum of $600 in WV (Wholesale Volume) each month. This can be done through retail sales, sponsoring new consultants or by team building events. If you fail to meet this requirement then there is also the option of purchasing your quota for that month however it will cost you double.

  • Training

Mary Kay has free online training available to help you succeed in your business. You can take their Virtual Classroom at any time of the day, download important documents and even get personalized coaching through live webinars if needed. Your upline will also be there for guidance when needed so that you are constantly receiving support!

  • Free Makeup

When you become an IBC, your team will receive free makeup which is another way to make money. You are able to sell this product for retail or wholesale prices and keep the profit all to yourself! Since Mary Kay has high quality products that people love it's a great opportunity to earn some extra cash through selling their cosmetics.

  • Awesome Discounts

Every consultant gets a 25% discount on all Mary Kay Cosmetics and Skincare Products. You can also get discounts for your children, friends and family members who want to join the business with you! Your team will receive even bigger savings when they reach higher ranks in the company such as becoming an independent national sales director (INSD).

  • Makeup Parties

One of the best ways to make money in Mary Kay is by hosting makeup parties where you can get your team together and have a blast while earning free product for yourself! If someone orders at one of these events then you receive commission, however if they are simply attending it's still great because people love getting together to share in the experience.

  • Travel Opportunities

If you love traveling and seeing new places, Mary Kay is a great business for you because they have trips all over! You can travel outside of your state or even out of the country if that sounds like fun with their top consultants where there are conferences with training sessions, special events and more.

Mary Kay is a great way to make money from home as long as you work hard and follow their guidelines. If you're passionate about makeup, skincare or helping people then it's definitely an opportunity worth considering!


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