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Ways to Make Money from Home - Shaklee Products

What Is Shaklee?

In 1945, a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee retired from practicing and began writing articles on the mind’s role in healing and health. Dr. Shaklee soon started the Shaklee Foundation to distribute nutritional supplements as his interest in nutrition grew.

By 1956, the Foundation had grown into a full-blown business.

The Corporation and the company’s vision turned towards the production and sales of a long list of products for anti-aging to weight-loss formulas.

These products are supported by numerous scientific research papers and patents to guarantee authenticity and efficiency.

Also, the MLM company has gained many plaudits and earned many awards for its attention to sustainable business practices and remarkable novelties in greener designs.

Officially, the Corporation was the very first company to completely offset their carbon imprint and attain carbon neutrality in the process.

Despite pending patents, the Corp has been faced with as many lawsuits as any lawsuits as other MLMs.

That won’t stop the executives that operate from the Corporation Base in Pleasanton, California.

Not when a company has earned close to $900 million in revenue from expanded operations in other countries, including Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Read more about Shaklee on Wikipedia.

What Is The Shaklee Business Opportunity

We looked at the Living Well With Shaklee brochure, which is designed to explain to prospective recruits, Ways to make money from home with Shaklee products. The document starts by explaining how lots of small improvements will have a cumulative effect. In other words, life will get a lot better from all the small changes. They call this 'The Shaklee Effect'.

We've always said that reaching goals is about taking steps in the right direction. We are not sure how the Shaklee effect is in any way new or different. The brochure goes on to describe how you can apply this concept to improve your health, create more spare time, or become financially free.

Ways to Make Money from Home - Shaklee Products.

  • Retail profits

Shaklee is one of those few MLMs that produce stuff that can sell.

What’s more, the discount is quite generous at between 15% – 25% for distributors.

  • Commissions

Ranking up as a distributor working with Shaklee means a lot to a distributor.

Once the distributor gets enough volume to enter the Director rank, they open the door to earning a significant amount as a distributor.

Leadership bonuses apart, the basic improved private group volumes will soon become a big deal, especially once the influence of the infinity bonus kicks in.

It’s important to know that each product has a point value attached to it, and you must amass up to 100 points from the sale of these products, for retail sales or personal use, every month to keep your account with The company active.

Shaklee Compensation Plan

You can only make money with Shaklee’s compensation plan. This compensation plan is a very different ballgame compared to other MLMs out there, and that’s not just because they renamed their compensation plan to ‘Shaklee‘s Dream Plan.’

The Dream Plan lists up to 9 different channels for client earnings; each made too ridiculously easy not to be met.

The earning channels include:

  • Gold Bonus

Sell enough products within the first 90 days, and you earn yourself contention for a Gold Bonus.

  • Power Bonus

This bonus is given to those affiliates who can hit the recruitment ground running by sponsoring enough recruits within their first 90 days of joining.

  • Retail Commission

The difference in price between your distributor purchase discount and the retail pricing is your profit and personal commission.

The distributor discount is usually between 15% – 20% off the retail price.

  • Personal Group Bonuses

Anyone that knows what MLMs care about knows it’s never a personal mission, and the network marketing strategy is no different.

Once your team is getting structure, you become eligible for Personal Group Bonuses.

To earn your Group bonus, the total point volume from the group must be up to 250, and 100 must come from you every month.

If you gather the required volume, you will receive a 4% commission of the volume that will grow as your team expands, and performance improves.

  • FastTrack Bonus

As with any other MLM out there, the company pushes you to do three things as quickly and as much as possible: sell products, recruit new affiliates, and meet the difficult conditions to ‘rank up.’

If you rank up in a short enough time, there’s a ‘FastTrack Bonus’ waiting for you.

  • Other Incentives

Apart from the FastTrack Bonus, there are many different incentives for faster growth in the Shaklee distributor setup like luxury vacations and other exotic treats and prizes.

  • Car Bonus

When the Personal Group Volume of your team reaches 3000 points from the sale of products, and you enter the rank of a ‘First Generation Director,’ you get car bonuses for three years.

  • Leadership Bonus

Every distributor for Shaklee that ranks up to the Director level starts to earn leadership bonuses since ranks at and above the Director Level are considered “Leaders with Shaklee’.

At that level, you receive 20% PGV bonuses from your team members until they reach the Director Level.

Also, even though you can’t earn from the other leaders, you can get 6% of the total group volume every month and every leader they sponsor too.

These earnings continue down for you until six generations below you.

  • Infinity Bonuses

The most enticing lure for distributors at Shaklee is the infinity bonus.

Once you’ve proven yourself enough to reach the rank of Senior Coordinator, you will start to earn up to 8% commissions from every achievement and sales of the leaders in your team below you till infinity.

How to Become a Shaklee MLM Distributor?

Joining Shaklee as a distributor is easy. Simply follow the listed steps:

  • Contact Your Sponsor

Get In torch to the person that referred you to The company’s products.

Shaklee’s compensation plan is very organized, and every potential distributor must sign up under an already registered distributor who will serve as their mentor in the business.

If you don’t have any such person, you can reach out to the Shaklee distributor near you to sign you up by filling up a form on Shaklee’s website.

  • Decide Your Budget

While signing up, there are different types of distributors you can opt to be depending on your budget.

The regular distributor can sell Shaklee products and earn commissions, but there’s a remarkable dearth of support provided to the distributor compared to Gold Ambassadors.

Gold Ambassadors get a lot of training and marketing materials, as well as coupons and free rein for website sales for three months.

  • Complete The Documentation

Fill in the necessary fields on the registration papers, file it, and expect your welcome package.

After joining the company market, spend some time going through the company products and policies, be sure to contact your mentor if you have any questions, his/her success depends on yours too, so he/she will be ready to help.

You can then choose your preferred market; eco-friendly products earn excellent traction.

Still, you can also contact your mentor for advice on the most appropriate choice of products and effective marketing strategies for sales and recruitment, going about it like a team improves your chances of success.

How Much Does Shaklee Cost to Join?

Not every affiliate of the company is a distributor, some are premium members while others are distributors.

  • As a Member

You can sign-up as a member of the Corporation by paying $19.95 and agreeing to be on a monthly auto-ship for the products. You get between 15%-25% discount on all products.

  • As a Distributor

The cheapest registration as a Shaklee distributor or Business Builder’ costs $49.95.

After joining, you become eligible for downline commissions and bonuses by meeting qualifications. At the very least, you must make 100 points from product sales to keep your account active.

Who Is Shaklee for?

Only people that have a proper depth of acumen with sales can probably make it as a Shaklee distributor.

Shaklee MLM Product Line

Below is the product line of this company. You can not make money with Shaklee until you know the product by heart.

As a trade, the astronauts’ answer to dehydration, was produced and sold to NASA by the Corporation.

So, there should be no questions about the legitimacy of Shaklee’s products.

As far as nutritional products are concerned, Shaklee has managed to eke out one of the most trustworthy reputations, especially because of its eco-friendly preferences.

Also, the Corporation has significantly invested in the production of world-famous home and beauty products to go with their nutritional line of products.

As a trade, the astronauts’ answer to dehydration, was produced and sold to NASA by the Corporation.

So, there should be no questions about the legitimacy of Shaklee’s products.

As far as nutritional products are concerned, Shaklee has managed to eke out one of the most trustworthy reputations, especially because of its eco-friendly preferences.

Also, the Corporation has significantly invested in the production of world-famous home and beauty products to go with their nutritional line of products.

  • Nutritional Products

The Corporation has an extensive product line made to provide proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals to combat heart health decline, aging, and digestion efficacy.

The ‘Essential Plan,’ is a mix of shakes, Omega 3 supplements, and multivitamins to reinforce heart health and immunity.

  • Special Blends

These products help patients deal with particular health issues.

Good examples are Mind works – a supplement created to improve brain activity, Smart Heart – a blend made to address blood pressure, Vivix – a prime anti-aging product.

There are also many other regimens and solutions to deal with immunity, liver issues, and even joint pain.

  • Weight-loss Solutions

From Shakes, smoothies, and teas to supplements and bars, it has some weight management mixes that help to burn fat and build lean muscle while suppressing hunger.

  • Revitalizers

The ‘Vitalizing Plan’ provides the buyer with a wealth of Life Energizing Shakes and Vitalizer supplements made from a combination of multi vibes, probiotics, and 24 grams of rich protein, all in soy, plain, and no-soy forms to help athletes burn calories faster.

  • Personal Care

There’s a variety of hair and skincare products, like shampoos and facial care products, in the beauty product list to help with body nourishment to accentuate health and looks.

Most people prefer to take advantage of the ‘RX for a Healthier Life’ Plan provided by the company – which allows customers to customize their plans – to make the combination of beauty products that they need.

  • Healthy Household Products

The company also produces soaps, sprays as well as other kitchen and laundry products.

These products are unique in the market for their eco-friendliness.

Feel free to ask in the comments! We hope this Shaklee review helped you decide if it's the right MLM company for you or not! Thank you for reading and GOOD LUCK!!!


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