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What You Should Do When You Run Out of Sales Prospects From Your Friends and Family

Constantly looking for sales prospects for your business is very critical because it can bring about its failure. Most businesses do not fail because of a bad product or scheme or because it is poorly managed. They fail because they fail to generate quality leads.

Finding these sales prospects can be very difficult and it requires a lot of creativity and hard work on your part. Needless to say, lead generation is a required and necessary skill for every entrepreneur. Sure, everyone wants to make a sale, but before striking a deal, you need someone to sell your products to.

One of the reasons businesses are unsuccessful is that after they have shared their products with friends and family, the list ends there. They just simply run out of people they feel comfortable sharing and talking about their products to. It may have worked for a while, and you have gathered all the names, contact numbers, and addresses of all the people they know and within their circle, like neighbors and co-workers, but it will eventually run dry.

So, where and how do you go about finding more sales prospects? Here are some pieces of advice to increase your potential pool of customers.

Work Outside of your Comfort Zone

There is a lot of potential in your neighborhood that you are not aware of. Drive around and do some door-to-door selling or canvassing. It is more likely to generate more sales than cold calling. Ask your neighbors, golfing buddies, and the person beside you on the plane for leads.

The Yellow Pages

Let your fingers do the walking and look for the particular type of business that could be your potential customers.

The Internet and Social Networking Sites

The internet is a valuable source of information on companies that may be interested in your products or services. Some also provide their employees' information on their websites. Social media is a great way to reconnect with long-lost friends and acquaintances who could be potential customers.


Your local newspaper contains stories and information that could be helpful in your lead generation, like stories on new and expanding businesses, ads on new businesses, announcements of employee promotions, classified ads, etc.

Trade Association Membership Lists

There is an association for every type of business that is similar to entrepreneurs' organizations. You can find them online or in your public library. Joining these associations where you can serve or sell to could also be beneficial in generating those leads.

Trade Shows and Networking Events

These are great places to meet and network with targeted prospects, and they reach a large number of people. You can either be an attendee or exhibitor in trade shows. While there, collect business cards for they contain valuable information.

There are other ways and means to be able to find sales prospects. You just have to be more adventurous, creative, and enterprising for there is a gold mine of leads out there just waiting to be tapped and discovered.


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